SEO vs. PPC – Which is better?

Internet traffic is the core of any digital marketing strategy. Whether you are applying digital marketing strategies on your own or appoint a company, the success of your web presence based on a best deal on the quality and amount of traffic your website gets. But, today the majority of business owners are looking for the answer to the question “which is better among SEO and PPC”. Genuinely, there is not an appropriate answer to this question. It mainly depends on your requirement. In some cases you find SEO as a better option while in some other conditions you may prefer PPC. Hence, it is vital to know the reasons behind choosing any of these strategies to make a well-versed decision.

Reasons to Choose SEO

SEO includes strategies to drive your website to the top rank on Google SERPs. SEO is a vital method for all the businesses with a web presence. According to some reports nearly 80 percent traffic to the sites will normally originate from search engines. Here are the reasons to choose SEO –

Get Consistent Results:

SEO is a long term approach therefore it calls for patience. You will not rank high in the SERPs in just one day, or one week. It takes time to reach on top. But after hitting the bull’s eye, you will start getting the consistent traffic on your website.

Increase Your Credibility:

people instinctively believe a website which is positioned on the front page and they think that these sites are best in their business. And considerably, it is the fact. Only the business that have faith in itself and is devoted to its consumers will try to rank on top constantly.
Build an Authority Site: well, an authority website is a reliable resource for any provided niche or topic. It is the suggested site when people are seeking information on that specific topic/industry. As soon as a site is recognized as an “authority website”, it will get numerous traffic due to its url recall. As soon as a site is known as an “authority website”, it will get numerous traffic thanks to its domain-name recall.

Reasons to choose PPC

Now, it’s time to think about why you should be choosing PPC as a promotional method.
Get quick outcome: Please be known as PPC brings you quick fallout. Your advertisement goes live once they are sectioned for placement. After that, the traffic flow will be immediate. That’s reason why PPC is usually employed for seasonal products, landing pages, and product launches, event focused promotions and when you’re seeking some quick traffic.

Endorse a Time-sensitive offer:

you may have an offer with the validity of 2 days. So, do you know which is the best method to declare it and reach your intended customers? Certainly PPC, because it will bring the traffic you want in a few minutes.


In the most cutthroat businesses, you may find that SERPs for your target keywords are subjugated by authority sites. They can be almost unfeasible to show shift without a considerable investment of money and time in a reputed company like iDreams Technology. It makes more sense to contact a reliable company to fulfill all your needs related to SEO and PPC for your brand promotions.

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